One of the first things I noticed about Dr Lenk is her ability to make you feel comfortable. She is very personable and strives to create a relationship with her patients. She is very professional and gives you options on the care that you are requesting. She wants to make sure that you are happy with the results. She cares. Some things in my bite had changed and without a moment notice she was more than happy to help me. She answered my emails and was prompt to find a solution. I am so very thankful.

Christine C. Avatar
Christine C.

I used to go here when I was in high school, but I had to go in to get my permanent retainer repaired today. I’m happy to say that everything was exactly the way I remembered! The entire office is decorated beautifully, and Dr.Lenk and her staff were extremely nice and friendly! I would recommend anybody needing braces to go see Dr. Lenk!!

Mika N. Avatar
Mika N.

We make the drive from Salem to visit the office of Dr. Lenk! I appreciate the kindness and professionalism of all the staff - from front desk staff to the techs who work in the “mad lab” making retainers. They work around the room at a steady pace, but don’t hesitate to take a few extra minutes with patients needing a little bit more. Recently, we were able to text a picture of an issue to staff who responded promptly to address the issue w/o a trip to the office! Lovely people to work with!

Jen C. Avatar
Jen C.

Two of of my kids receive dental care here. My son started at 18 and my daughter at the age of 7. The staff is friendly and always makes you feel welcome and my kids are well taken care of from start to finish. I have been very impressed with the level of care here my kids enjoy the visits as well. That says a lot to me!

K D. Avatar
K D.

Getting braces as an adult is a less than exciting endeavor (as far as the process goes.) However, everyone at Lenk made me feel confident, at ease, and even excited to get them on. Everyone at the office is kind and professional. It’s a very cozy space with warm personalities. Dr. Lenk is beyond compassionate and you can tell she loves what she does. Cost was what really kept me from getting braces for so long, but they are willing to work with their patients on a payment plan that works for them and the patient. They are thorough, efficient, yet patient with any questions and concerns. They will be honest in what works and doesn’t, along with the overall cost. You can tell their priority is serving others to the best of their ability. I could honestly go on and on, but to sum it all up: if you have been on the fence of finally getting braces, this is your sign to go get a consultation with Lenk Orthodontics ASAP! Don’t wait any longer for the healthy, beautiful smile of your dreams.

Kelsey F. Avatar
Kelsey F.

Dr Lenk and her staff are amazing!! Wonderful customer service! They were always able to get my kids in and out so it didn’t interfere with their school schedules. Their payment plan allowed us to pay our kids braces off in no time!! We appreciate Dr Lenk and her team so much!!

Crystal R. Avatar
Crystal R.

My family has gone to Lenk Orthodontics for years, and this is the best place to get a perfect smile! Dr. Lenk will make sure you get perfect and lasting results. When my permanent retainer broke 5+ years after having it in place after braces, I was able to come in and get it fixed without even being charged. Always been happy with this office and would definitely recommend!

Delaney A. Avatar
Delaney A.

Dr Lenk's entire office and staff are amazing!! They genuinely care about their patients. I had started orthodontics with another location and they said my son needed to have 4 perfectly healthy teeth removed. I went to Dr. Lenk for a second opinion. She disagreed with that option and also stated it was too early in the treatment to make that determination. We switched to her office for the continuation of treatment. I am very happy to say that we completed treatment no teeth were pulled and they look absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for all you have done for an awesome smile just in time for senior pictures!!! Oh and her office decorations are the best. She and her staff go all out for an overall great experience.

DONNA B. Avatar

My family has be coming to Dr Lenk since 2011. Now that my 4th son is almost done with his treatment, I started my road to a new smile 2 weeks ago. I wore braces many years ago but my teeth had shifted and I want my teeth to be as beautiful as my boys’ teeth. We love Dr Lenk and her staff so much that we don’t mind the 45 minute drive to get there. We also love that she offers early appointments so we don’t miss much school/work. Everybody in this office has such a great attitude and makes your visit a positive experience! If you’re in search of an orthodontist, look no longer. Dr Lenk is the BEST choice!!

Debbie R. Avatar
Debbie R.

I am ecstatic Lenk orthodontics has been able to get our two girls in and, very soon, on their way to even more beautiful smiles. They have made combined appointments to make it convenient for us, since we have a way to travel. We are so excited they are making this dream a reality.

Terry W. Avatar
Terry W.

Great experience with Lenk Orthodontics! Great customer service! They always respond to me a timely manner! Office is very clean! Dr. Lenk and staff are amazing! Very friendly and professional too!

Amelia E. Avatar
Amelia E.

Dr. Lenk and her staff have gone above and beyond to ensure that my teeth are perfect! After several other consultations, I found that they have such a welcoming and fun atmosphere, the payment options were the best around, and they treat every patient as family. Our family will definitely be seeing Dr. Lenk again in the years to come!

Kristin B. Avatar
Kristin B.

Very nice a friendly and clean. I love Misty the dentist she explain everything to you

Ollie B. Avatar
Ollie B.

Dr. Lenk and her team are amazing! So friendly, professional, and they go above & beyond to help their clients. My daughter absolutely loves everyone there. Thank you for being so great to work with!!

Tammie H. Avatar
Tammie H.

Dr. Lenk and her staff are awesome! You get the feel of home when entering her beautifully decorated office. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Lenk is very passionate with her work and her clients. I would highly recommend Dr. Lenk!

Susan P. Avatar
Susan P.

I have been hesitant for a few years to get my son braces. I knew it would be considered cosmetic and insurance was not going cover the cost. Lenks Orthodontics is very affordable with a friendly budget. Their staff is super friendly and eager to answer any questions. And the speed of the process amazed me compared to the 90s when I got braces!! Awesome care and staff! I highly recommend!!!

AUSTIN5187 Avatar

They did excellent job of fixing my permanent retainer, pushing two front teeth back together and also did a cleaning! Due to Dr Lenk’s excellent service my gap is fixed again! Thank you so much!!

Kahliyah Avatar

Always a great experience going here. I have been outta of braces for years now, when recently my permanent retainer broke.I called and made an appointment and despite not going there in years they got me in the next week and fixed my problem within 30 mins. Great staff that care a lot about their patients:)

Dyllan M. Avatar
Dyllan M.

Really great service, and a friendly staff. They fixed my permanent retainer free of charge and did it in a timely manner. They aren’t just 9-5 workers, they are nice people who genuinely care about you. Will be coming again.
-The Back Room kid

F.B.I .. Avatar
F.B.I ..

My daughter loves her new smile. The first orthodontist I took my daughter to said she needed to have four permanent teeth removed before she could get her braces. So I set up a appointment with Dr Lenk. She was very caring and listened to everything I had told her. Then she explained everything she could do to help get my daughter a Beautiful smile without having to pull any teeth. I would definitely recommend Dr Lenk to anyone. Dr Lenk is a wonderful caring orthodontist. All the staff at Lenk’s are great too.

Tiny R. Avatar
Tiny R.

Great environment with the nicest people. Takes time to assure patients teeth are perfect, not only with braces but also with permanent retainers! Love this place and the people. Greatest orthodontist in Roanoke, VA!

Salty F. Avatar
Salty F.

This is a great place to have braces put on! You will be pleased with your results. Dr. Link and her employees are all very friendly and will do everything they can to make sure you have a great smile!

Allyson S. Avatar
Allyson S.

Extremely happy with all services provided. Dr. Lenk is very personable, knowledgeable, honest, and professional in all services provided. She has always been very through in her evaluations and treatment plans for two of my children. She is very precise and takes the time to get the teeth where they need to be, She will not take braces off unless the teeth are exactly where they need to be. This is my second child with braces and I have two more . We will be bringing them to Dr. Lenk as well and will look no further. Thank you, Dr. Lenk for taking care of my family these past 3 years. We appreciate who you are and what you do!

Laura M. Avatar
Laura M.

Our experience with Dr. Misty Lenk has been amazing! Our son's teeth look awesome and they were definitely not an easy case. Dr. Lenk did what was best for our son with us in mind too, regarding expense. Our son loves her and the staff. Would highly recommed Lenk Orthodontics!!!

Annette S. Avatar
Annette S.

We absolutely love Dr. Lenk. She's amazing. Can't say enough good things about her and her staff.

Carrie D. Avatar
Carrie D.

I could not recommend anyone better! Dr. Lenk goes above and beyond for not only her patients but her employees as well! Happy employees make great customer service, and all of her employees make you feel right at home. Smiling faces and welcoming comments as soon as you walk in the door. It seems they don't forget a familiar face, and makes us all feel like we are getting the special treatment we hoped for. Dr. Lenk doesn't just operate on normal business hours, but also donates extra time to suit her patients schedules, also not to include the time she puts in decorating and keeping her office clean and welcoming for everyone, children to adults! I could not be happier with my results and applaud Dr. Lenk and her team for all they do! We appreciate you!

Samantha H. Avatar
Samantha H.

Struggling with a confidence problem most of my life, getting my teeth corrected was an important thing for me. I trusted Dr. Lenk and I’m so glad I did. Not only did she fix my teeth and make them beautiful, she fixed my confidence. Dr Lenk is an amazing woman and an even better orthodontist, I promise she is capable of fixing much more then just your smile! Her employees are always such a joy and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Kinley E. Avatar
Kinley E.

Great Team, best service! The other place wanted to pull out 4 healthy teeth of my kid saying she does not need that many teeth anyway. Dr Lenk said let's work with what we have and pull some if it absolutely necessary. So, kid did not lose a single tooth. Great job Dr Lenk!

Alikhan A. Avatar
Alikhan A.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Lenk and her staff!! My daughter has received the highest level of orthodontic care throughout the entire process and we are so pleased with the results! Dr. Lenk went over and above to assist with a separate dental issue and advised the course of treatment she would seek if it were her daughter. It is awesome to have such a talented orthodontic team in Daleville.

Tina M. Avatar
Tina M.

Dr. Lenk and her staff are best-in-class! Donna and Morgan at the front desk are always so welcoming and kind. Dr. Lenk's dental staff are thorough, patient, and were willing to answer my questions, concerns, and deal with me wanting to change my band colors as I got toward the end of my treatment. I have no doubt ALL her team members are fabulous, but most of my adjustments were handled amazingly by Shelly, Dustin, or Alexis. At the end of my treatment, Dr. Lenk took extra time to reshape and contour my teeth - I was blown away by the final product. As an adult who didn't keep up with retainer wear after getting braces as a child, I made the choice to get braces again and am so glad I chose Dr. Lenk. Seeking a straight and healthy smile is something I wish I had done sooner. Prospective adult patients - know it's never too late, and I highly recommend Lenk Orthodontics, if you're shopping for an orthodontist in the Roanoke area.

Ashley Avatar

The team here is exceptional. Extremely kind, understanding, detail oriented, and thorough. I was blown away by everything and everyone during the visit. Every business should model themselves after the quality of service provided by Dr. Lenk and team.

Brian T. Avatar
Brian T.

Misty is the best orthodontist around! She takes extra care and is very precise and professional with every decision she makes and pays attention to every detail! So glad I got my perfect smile from her!

Hannah T. Avatar
Hannah T.

I was astounded at how patient-centered Dr. Lenk's practice is. From the moment we booked an appointment she made sure my child and I were more than well taken care of and comfortable with every thing. The new patient "bag of goodies" was a real hit, and such a nice touch!

Megen M. Avatar
Megen M.

Dr. Lenk and staff are absolutely amazing. They have accommodated my daughter after a last minute appointment. Everyone is always friendly and understanding. I have two daughters who currently have braces and they always explain to me every step off their progress. For someone who had braces before and did not received that kind treatment, it’s refreshing to know that my girls’ experience is the upmost wonderful.

Elayne S. Avatar
Elayne S.

Dr. Lenk and her staff go above and beyond to care for their patients. You can tell the moment you meet Dr. Lenk, you’re more than just a number to her. She truly cares about your health and teeth. She’s an expert in her field and helps multiple families in our community. She gives free advice on her consultations even if you don’t want to commit to care. Being in the medical field myself as a registered nurse, I know these times can be trying and exhausting. Dr. Lenk has tackled this pandemic in her office to keep her staff and patients safe. She is pulled in many different directions being a mom, wife and business owner but she is never to busy to listen to patient concerns and go above and beyond to help.

Umber _. Avatar
Umber _.

Just began treatment with my second child for braces with Dr. Lenk. We always have great treatment, are treated respectfully and feel like Dr. Lenk puts her patients’ needs above her own 100% of the time! We highly recommend this entire practice, great, friendly staff and excellent service and results!

Celia M. Avatar
Celia M.

My oldest had to have a 2nd set of braces put on and we went to Lenk Orthodontics. She just had her braces taken off yesterday her smile is beautiful. My youngest is currently in braces as well and I can't wait to see her smile! The staff and Dr. Lenk are absolutely wonderful. They are personable, and make you feel special. I highly recommend Dr. Lenk for all your orthodontic needs!!

Heather C. Avatar
Heather C.

Dr. Misty Lenk is the best orthodontist around. My daughter went to another orthodontist who closed down while she was in braces after about 5 years. The orthodontist, who had closed, messed her teeth up and she ended up needing a root canal done. Because that orthodontist had already been paid, I tried to get someone to take the braces off for about a year and a half, only to be told over and over that we won't touch them or we aren't taking new patients. You do not know how many places we have been only to hear them tell my daughter this again and again. Well today I cried "happy" tears because Dr. Lenk was the only one willing to "loose" money to help my child. My daughter, who didn't want more braces is willing to redo her braces again because she really liked Lenk Orthodontics. All the people that work there were so friendly and thoughtful. I highly recommend Lenk Orthodontics. Thank you Dr. Lenk for everything you did to help us. God bless you!!!

Robin B. Avatar
Robin B.

I am beyond satisfied with the interactions and work of Dr. Lenk and her team. The entire staff is so friendly and the atmosphere is so inviting! I had an emergency arise with my permanent retainer AND chipped tooth and Dr. Lenk came to my rescue making my teeth look perfect! She is truly magical! I know my family and I are in great hands with Lenk Orhtodontics!

Whitney W. Avatar
Whitney W.

It was great seeing Dr. Lenk! My permanent retainer happened to pop loose after biting into a chewy candy, but she was happy to fix it, even after being out of braces for five years now. She has always been great towards my family. My older siblings had braces before me, and we all still have beautiful smiles years later thanks to her 🙂 Her passion for helping her patients really shows through her work and how knowledgeable she is about everything she does. This is definitely the place to go if you are in need of a perfect smile!!

jessie Avatar

When you first walk in, the atmosphere is so calm and peaceful. The surroundings are beautiful and spa like in appearance. The staff is so kind, caring and friendly. The entire process of my daughter getting braces has been the best experience. We know she’s in good hands at Lenk.

Donna H. Avatar
Donna H.

Dr. Lenk and her staff provide the best environment for all ages. She is knowledgeable and I trust her 100% with the care of my son. We have been seeing her for approximately 4 years while getting my son's bone structure where it needs to be before getting a full set of braces. The atmosphere is focused, but they also have fun. I love seeing the decorations during the holidays and Dr. Lenk is always giving her clients fun gifts. Thank you Dr. Lenk and team for providing such wonderful compassionate care. We love you and so thankful for your service to the Botetourt and surrounding communities. ❤

Cindy M. Avatar
Cindy M.

Dr.Lenk is Absolutely the best orthodontist around. She will do whatever it takes to make you have a beautiful smile. I know when I walk out of her office I am going to be 100% satisfied! She goes above and beyond to help her patients and is so knowledgeable. The staff is Awsome and always ready to help with a smile. I would have never had results I do without Dr. Lenk.

Kathy J. Avatar
Kathy J.

I have been going to Link Orthodontics for almost 7 years now and have never had a bad experience or a bad time. They’re always so welcoming and funny in the office which is amazing especially for your first time going. For anyone looking for a good orthodontist Dr. Link should be your first call!!!

Caitlin C. Avatar
Caitlin C.

Dr. Lenk is extremely knowledgeable in her field. My case was not the easiest and there were multiple ways to fix my teeth. She picked the way that would fix them the best and not the quickest. The extra time and effort she spent on me was greatly appreciated and she gained my respect for doing so while honoring all financial agreements from the very beginning of my treatment.

Cathy R. Avatar
Cathy R.

Being born with a cleft lip and palate, I was always self conscious about my smile! Dr. Lenk gave me confidence I always wanted in my smile! This was my second time with Dr. Lenk, because unfortunately I didn’t wear my retainers the first time 🙁 and she did absolutely amazing just as she did the first time! Everyone there is always super friendly and helpful! I highly recommended Lenk Orthodontics!

Brianna D. Avatar
Brianna D.

Dr.Lenk is Absolutely the best orthodontist around. She will do whatever it takes to make you have a beautiful smile. I know when I walk out of her office I am going to be 100% satisfied! She goes above and beyond to help her patients and is so knowledgeable.

Kathy J. Avatar
Kathy J.

The atmosphere is beautiful, tropical. The staff go above and beyond to make sure their patient's are comfortable. They explain everything before they do it. Misty was amazing. I highly recommend Lenk Orthodontics.

lisette T. Avatar
lisette T.

Such a wonderful experience with Lenk Orthodontics. Misty is very sweet and her work is phenomenal! My teeth look beautiful and I get compliments all the time. I got my braces as an adult in my 40’s and Misty always made me feel confident about my decision. I would recommend her office to anyone. Very happy with the results! Thank you Misty and staff!

Jenna N. Avatar
Jenna N.

Dr. Lenk is wonderful, alongside her staff! She goes above and beyond each individual experience to make sure each patient gets exactly what they need. Best orthodontist in the Roanoke Valley!!!

She does free consults, and payment plans that work with your budget. She is truly compassionate and gives back in so many ways to the community.

Emily E. Avatar
Emily E.

Dr. Lenk and her staff is amazing! I brought my daughter Loretta to her so she could help recreate her smile. My daughter didn't like to smile because she was self conscious of her teeth, but Dr Lenk fixed that and now she's smiling and grinning all the time. Dr Lenk and staff made us feel like we were part of the family. If ever we had questions or concerns they were right on top of it. When one of my daughter's bracket came loose during Thanksgiving dinner they got her in first thing and fixed it. Even with Covid the love and support that they give to their patients is fantastic. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else!

Sarah P. Avatar
Sarah P.

Really great service, and a friendly staff. They fixed my permanent retainer free of charge and did it in a timely manner. They aren’t just 9-5 workers, they are nice people who genuinely care about you. Will be coming again.
-The Back Room kid

F.B.I Avatar

Dr. Lenk is an amazing orthodontist. Prior to having braces, I didn’t like to smile because of my teeth. Dr. Lenk helped me restore my confidence in my smile and even though I had my braces removed several years ago, my teeth are still perfect! Any time I had an appointment her staff were so warm and welcoming and when Dr. Lenk was examining my teeth she made me feel very comfortable and explained in detail what her plans were for getting my smile to where it needed to be. If you need braces, the place to go is Lenk Orthodontics. You won’t be disappointed.

Mikayla A. Avatar
Mikayla A.

I just want to send out a special thank you to Dr. Lenk and her staff! They have done an amazing job with my daughter's braces and their patient care is exceptional! My daughter, Bailey had a really difficult situation with her braces in that the first orthodontist she saw, starting at age 12 was very unprofessional and did more damage to her teeth than good. We finally found Dr. Lenk when Bailey was about 16, and she has performed nothing short of a miracle. Bailey had extreme anxiety issues when it came to orthodontic care due to her previous experiences, and Dr. Lenk and her staff took strides to make her comfortable and at ease. I am thrilled to say that after only a couple of years Bailey's smile is absolutely beautiful and we are so appreciative!! I will always cherish Dr. Lenk and her staff, they are truly caring, skilled and exceptionally special people! I cant say thank you enough, we love you guys!!!

Laura T. Avatar
Laura T.

This is by far the best place to get your teeth fixed. They not only make your teeth look fabulous, but they give you a great sense of comfort. Dr. Lenk, being a mother of many, gives you that comforting feel in an environment that you would assume would be gloomy or just awkward. Even the receptionists make sure to give you a smile to do their best to make you feel welcome. I was so embarrassed of my teeth before I went to Lenk Orthodontics. I got my braces off in 2018, and Iv been showing off my smile ever since!

Emily M. Avatar
Emily M.

I went to Lenk Orthodontics to get braces and now I love my smile! I had such a great experience going here. They have such a friendly environment and is overall the best!

Emma B. Avatar
Emma B.

Dr Lenk is the best. She is very knowledgeable and caring. She explained all my options and wouldn’t remove my braces on the bottom because it wasn’t perfect in her eyes. She is very dedicated to her clients. Dr Lenk and staff are awesome 👏🏾. If you’re looking for an orthodontist who really cares about how your teeth looks, well Dr Lenk is the one for you. Dr Lenk and staff are the best.

Tammy P. Avatar
Tammy P.

Dr. Lenk and her staff are very pleasant, provide warm welcome in relaxing environment, provide individual quality care, do not take short cuts or rush patients but go above and beyond what is normally expected. I highly recommend Dr.Lenk to people of all ages. I am probably her oldest senior citizen. Before moving from Tidewater area, I had received care from two other orthodontists in the past. By far, Dr. Lenk is the BEST!

Linda C. Avatar
Linda C.

Dr. Lenk took me in at one of the lowest points of my life. I had braces put on by straight smiles who got shut down and didnt service my braces for three years. My brackets, wires, and bands had all fallen off. Dr. Lenk took me in her arms and has provided the best care I've ever received from any professional. Not only has she fixed my teeth, she has put her own time and money into giving me the best care possible. I had tears in my eyes while she filled in my teeth to make them stunning during the only break she had during a hectic day. I couldn't recommend a better orthodontist, a better staff(especially Shelly!), and a better environment to get your smile looking great. I will forever be grateful to them for all of there continued help and kindness. - Jenna Nicely

Brad B. Avatar
Brad B.

I’ve been with Dr. Lenk for over 4 years now, and I cannot say enough good things about the service! From the welcoming staff, to the careful attention to detail, it’s a pleasure coming in for all my appointments. Dr. Lenk is passionate in her work and really wants her patients to have THE BEST SMILE and nothing less of perfect. Whenever I have emergencies (like a broken wire for example) they make sure to get me in and fix it ASAP. It’s a very lively atmosphere with the entire team engaging with patients! Dr. Lenk is such a joy when she takes care of her patients, creating fun conversations that will make you laugh! Everyone in the team is extremely knowledgeable and extremely professional (but also friendly!). They will run down all the information so you won’t leave the appointment clueless. Lastly, the seasonal interior decoration is such a treat to look at! Five star experience overall. Highly recommend! 🙌🏼

Ian L. Avatar
Ian L.

Dr. Lenk and her staff are AMAZING!! 2 years ago I was so nervous about getting braces as an adult, I forever thought my mouth would look and feel strange. She has guided my teeth and myself to better dental care, and Dr. Lenk and her staff will make my smile beautiful for the most important day of my life in December!

Ashlie S. Avatar
Ashlie S.

Three members of my family including two of my children and myself have been patients in this practice. Dr. Lenk has been wonderful and accommodating to all of us. She is invested in her patients and wants every patient to be as happy as can be. She is very diligent, dedicated and hard working!

julia r. Avatar
julia r.

I had a great experience with the team at Lenk Orthodontics getting my retainers replaced. Everyone was very kind and helpful and the office is comfy and welcoming. My visits were always very simple and enjoyable. Great work by a great business!

Sophia C. Avatar
Sophia C.

I can’t say enough good things about Lenk Orthodontics! Not only does the staff seem like they are a close knit family, they make all their patients feel like family as well! Dr. Lenk was able to predict and act to offset issues before they became issues to save us time and money as well as discomfort for my child. The technicians are great! Kind and gentle and help explain what they are doing to not just parents but the kids. We have had a great experience with not a single complaint or issue.

Ryan M. Avatar
Ryan M.

I had a wonderful experience at Lenk Orthodontics! I had a very difficult situation, I thought it was impossible to fix them. And now my smile is as perfect as can be. Dr. Lenk is a hardworking and a perfectionist. She treats all her patients like family and is so committed to her practice its incredible. I will be forever grateful for the amazing things her and her office worked to accomplish. I now have a beautiful smile for the first time in my life. I highly recommend. 😁

Nikki J. Avatar
Nikki J.

By far the best Orthodontist out there! The staff is always so nice and accommodating not to mention Dr Lenk, she is amazing! Everyone at this practice goes above and beyond for their patients. She will definitely be taking care of my little ones smiles when the time comes!

Cheyenne R. Avatar
Cheyenne R.

I've only had wonderful experiences with Lenk Orthodontics, even on their busiest days. Misty Lenk has so much passion and knowledge in what she does, and her staff always makes me feel great. I've had orthodontic work done for 10 years since I was in middle school at a different practice, but when I moved to Roanoke I was more than pleased to have found Lenk for continued orthodontic support. My retainer broke and teeth moved, so she worked with me for a new treatment plan and better quality retainers to achieve exactly what I was looking for. She always gives options and explains thoroughly what she recommends, but in the end she leaves the decision to me on how I want my teeth to look. I appreciate her level of detail, shared concerns, and thorough explanations and I 100% believe that she does everything for her patients.

The engineer in me loves how practical, technical, and efficient this team is, but the woman in me loves that their office is always decorated beautifully, and has a warm and welcoming "homey" feel. Every visit I look forward to what season appropriate decorations are up and everything is always so marvelous. There is even an awesome room for small children to play in while waiting. I had my 1 year old daughter with me a few years ago, and she didn't want to leave the playroom.

Prices are more than reasonable for what service you get here. I've never felt this level of positivity and assurance at any doctor's office. My only 'complaint' is that Dr. Lenk isn't also my OBGYN, family doctor, children's pediatrician, dentist, physical therapist, next door neighbor, interior decorator, you name it!

Hana S. Avatar
Hana S.

Dr. Lenk and her staff are absolutely amazing! They are professional and accommodating. Dr. Lenk takes great pride in her work and her staff shows to love her and respect her for the work she does. She has serviced three members of our family and we have all been very pleased, even through the COVID-19 outbreak. Most of all she cares about her community and the patients she serves. She takes their safety into consideration and of course her tireless work she does to provide successful treatment.

Tonya C. Avatar
Tonya C.

Dr Lenk and her staff will make you feel like you are more than just another patient. She gives her time generously and makes every effort to give you the best results possible. I am 71 years old and she made me feel like my case was just as important as her younger patients. I was thrilled at the results. I highly recommend her and hope everyone will bring their children in for an evaluation!

Deborah K. Avatar
Deborah K.

Dr. Lenk is THE BEST orthodontist! Not only is she very kind but she is also very skilled, thorough, and truly goes above and beyond. I sought out Dr. Lenk after receiving a recommendation from my dentist. I had had braces twice before from a different orthodontist and was unhappy with the results. The decision to get braces yet again as an adult was a tough decision but I am SO glad I did it! I want to encourage any other adults who may be considering the same thing. Having a great smile is a great long term investment. I have been out of braces for almost six years now and couldn't be happier with Dr. Lenk's work. Thank you, Dr. Lenk and team!

Meagan M. Avatar
Meagan M.

We absolutely love Lenk Orthodontics! Dr. Lenk truly cares about her patients and their well-being above all else. She was so thorough in our consultation we left knowing exactly what our child’s treatment plan was going to be and felt confident our child was in great hands. We have been so impressed with our daughter’s treatment thus far. Dr. Lenk and her staff are so friendly and helpful. We live in Roanoke County and certainly don’t mind driving a little extra just to be apart of her practice. We highly recommend this practice!

Robin G. Avatar
Robin G.

Dr. Lenk and her staff are amazing!!! Not only do they use the latest technology available, but their customer service demonstrates that their patients are their top priority. My daughter loves Dr. Lenk and is so happy with her new smile!! The payment options were very budget friendly as well. Dr. Lenk and her staff have been readily available to answer any questions or address any concerns I have had throughout this process, and remain some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Lenk for all of your orthodontic needs!!

Sharece K. Avatar
Sharece K.

The team here is exceptional. Extremely kind, understanding, detail oriented, and thorough. I was blown away by everything and everyone during the visit. Every business should model themselves after the quality of service provided by Dr. Lenk and team. My daughter has now had her 2nd visit, got her braces on top. It was a seamless and painless experience for her. The attention to detail the team provides to make the experience enjoyable is simply amazing.

Brian T. Avatar
Brian T.

I want to take time to say how thankful I am to know Dr. Misty Lenk and her crew at Lenk Orthodontics. Recently, my retainer broke and I needed to be seen quickly. I called Dr. Lenk and she took me in, repaired my retainer and sent me on my way. I was able to be seen and made it to work on time. It does not matter how long you have been away, they always treat you like family. Lenk Orthodontics your home away from home. Thanks for all you do!!


Truth H. Avatar
Truth H.

Today our son got braces. The experience was amazing on all levels...from educating us on braces, daily maintenance and foods to avoid or enjoy. The process today was very professional, clean and never once did he have to wonder what they were doing to his teeth. Dr. Lenk was so kind and gentle with him. So bottom line..if you or your child needs orthodontic work....Lenk Orthodontics is the place to entrust your smile to! From the front of the building to the back you will be treated well!!

J C. Avatar
J C.

Our experiences so far at Lenk have been wonderful! From the time we first walked in, to my son getting his braces put on today, we felt welcomed and appreciated. The process was thoroughly explained, from billing, cost of care, process of application of the braces and aftercare. I cannot say enough about how awesome this place is! Very happy to have found them!

Tracy E. Avatar
Tracy E.

I first saw Dr. Lenk when i was 10 years old. I had always been afraid of the dentist and when i was told i needed to get braces, my fear and anxiety went through the roof at that age. Dr. Lenk takes so much time and effort to ensure that all of her patients are comfortable, know exactly what’s going on, and what’s going to happen next. I couldn’t have seen anyone else that would’ve made me feel more comfortable and calm like Dr. Lenk and the other staff did. Physically, the office is also very inviting and uplifting. It’s an overall, great environment to be in. Plenty of parking!

Baylie K. Avatar
Baylie K.

I have been coming to Leno orthodontics for over 5 years now and I have never had one bad experience! Just recently after having my braces off for a couple years I broke my permanent retainer and needed to get it fixed. Dr Lenk was as usual pleased to see me, as she is with all of her patients, and fixed it in a jiffy! I couldn’t imagine going to any other practice! Dr lenk treats everyone with a smile on her face, and will have you leaving with a smile on yours too!

Ashton F. Avatar
Ashton F.