Orthodontists Can Grow Jaws!

Dr. Lenk is an expert in the growth and development of the head and neck. She doesn’t just move teeth, she can provide care to positively impact JAW GROWTH and overall facial esthetics!!!

After becoming dentists, most orthodontists receive 2-3 years of specialized education in the field of Orthodontics. DR. LENK RECEIVED 4 YEARS OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN THE FIELD OF ORTHODONTICS!!!! Her primary goal was not to get out of school as fast as possible and make as much money as possible, SHE WANTED TO BE ABLE TO PROVIDE HER PATIENTS WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF CARE POSSIBLE! Her aim exceeds that of a perfect smile—Dr. Lenk wants to provide care that maximizes the esthetics of the ENTIRE FACE!

Dr. Lenk can improve the profiles of patients regardless of their age. The primary difference between children and adults is the fact children are still growing.

With early detection and intervention, Dr. Lenk can provide care which fixes the bite and perfects the aesthetic profile by positively impacting jaw growth. Early evaluations are thus valuable in order to ensure Dr. Lenk has the ability to provide care prior to growth cessation. This is one of many reasons Dr. Lenk should see her patients by the age of 7 years 😊

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