Alexis is one of our sweet and amazing clinical technicians. When Alexis is not providing care for our patients, she’s making everyone laugh with her quick wit. Alexis is officially the picture and band queen at the office: she is one of the best at fitting a ring on a tooth, and she is the only person in history to be able to keep up with all of the ridiculous pictures I require my staff to take Alexis is a mommy of two sweet kittens and a friend to everyone that knows her. For all of these reasons and more, she is a perfect fit for our office

Alexis’ words:
My name is Alexis, and I’m a cat mom of 2 (Cleo and Gizmo)! Working at Dr. Lenk’s practice has been a blessing. My favorite thing to do away from work is spend time with the people I love. One of my favorite things to do in general is to make people smile. It’s truly incredible to be able to actually help create beautiful smiles for a living!


Brenna is our senior intern. This amazing girl was once a patient and is now an aspiring dental hygienist. Brenna is one of the smartest and most capable interns I have had. She is already a fully trained technician. She also has the ability to learn and do anything in our office. It will be one of the best and worst days of my life when Brenna “graduates” from JRHS and our office: I will be like a proud mother–ecstatic to see her accomplish all of her goals, but so sincerely sad to let her spread her wings and fly!

Brenna’s words:
My name is Brenna, I have been an intern at Dr. Lenks for almost a year, gaining information and experience to pursue a career as a dental hygienist! I love coming into work each day and working as a team to provide the best care possible for our patients. Outside of work I love adventuring and spending time with friends.


Deana is one of our senior staff. She is a patient favorite in the clinic. She provides the highest quality of care simply because she gets to know and truly love each and every patient (their family members, friends, distant acquaintances, pets. etc. ). Deana’s most special gift is her ability to work with our special needs patients. Deana is an amazing daughter, wife, and mother (one of which was a patient). She is also considered the “mother’ of our practice: she keeps us under control and takes care of all of us at the office (patients, coworkers, etc ). Everyone loves Deana!

Deana’s words:
I have been with Dr. Lenk for many years (AKA: as D, Mama D, Dinkers and Deaner).
That’s how my team family addresses me on a daily basis! When not working I greatly enjoy spending time with my family at the lake. My grand dogs entertain my spare time as well!
The best part of my role as a clinical tech is that I get to help your transformation into a beautiful smile, and get a hug or high five at every visit. Past and present patients always bring a smiles to my face.
One of my favorite quotes is
“A simple smile. That’s the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others”
Dalai Lama


Donna’s original passion was for teaching. She became affiliated with our practice about eight years ago when she brought her kids to our office for orthodotnic care. Donna then became a patient. During this entire process, she became a dear friend. Now Donna is one of the shining stars of our practice. She is one of the first faces you see and voices you hear at our practice. She gets the job done at the front desk, but she refuses to work without making everyone around her laugh at least once an hour! Donna will always be a life of the party, even if that party is at work.

Donna’s words:
My passion started in teaching. In fact, I taught first grade for 6-years in Ocala, FL. I have been married to the same wonderful man for 20 years; and I have two children, both of which received braces at Lenk Orthodontics! My hobbies include skiing, running (have completed several half marathons), and cheering (that is cheering on my kids in their many sports). After my daughter completed her care, I chose to give myself the gift of a beautiful smile too. Soon after getting my braces off, I was invited to become one of the amazing team members of Lenk Orthodontics. Now I am one of the first faces you see and voices you hear at Lenk Orthodontics! My job is to ensure our patients are given the appointments they need and want. I’m a very social person. So naturally I help entertain families while they are waiting for their appointments, and I am the primary person that completes consultations with our families who choose to begin care at our amazing office. I have been a mother of patients, a patient and now an employee. So I guess I’m not just a cheerleader for my kiddo’s, I can be considered a cheerleader for the office of Lenk Orthodontics!


Dustin has been a part of this practice since he was about 8-years-old. Started as a patient and became an employee within 24 hours of graduating from LB! Dustin will probably always be the only orthodontic technician to become fully trained and efficient in literally 14 days. In order for you to understand the significance of this, some people are not considered fully trained after two years in a practice! Dustin is also one of the only members of this team to be fully cross-trained. He provides supplemental help for the business staff on Mondays and Fridays. The truth is Dustin literally helps us in every department and in every way–this guy even did our St. Patty’s decorating this year. For those that know me, I am one of the most “extra” people around. The fact I am able to trust this guy with my decorating is a clear indication of the value this fella brings to the practice of Lenk Orthodontics. Dustin is a buddy to our patients and a dear colleague and friend to his work family!

Dustin’s words:
Hello, my name is Dustin! I am an orthodontic assistant. I’ve been an assistant for two years now. In the life of Dustin, you’ll find him doing all kinds of things. He loves to be with family & friends. His nieces & nephews are the reason he’s so caring and loving. Dustin likes to hang outdoors, ride the razor and go camping. He spends a lot of his time outside of work fixing up cars and detailing them. He loves to explore and travel to many different places around the world! Dustin has many different traits. He’s certified in Dental Radiation Safety, Microsoft Word, Marketing, Accounting, State Inspection License, Automotive Body & Paint Repair, and Automotive Analysis & Repair. You’ll find him smiling and providing the best care he possibly can! Dustin loves his job and working with children. If you get the pleasure of meeting him, you’ll fall in love with his caring and loving heart!


Jillean started as a preschool teacher. In fact, she was the teacher to Dr. Lenk’s kids!!!! Jillean’s youngest daughter was the first love of Dr.Lenk’s son. Her oldest daughter is a best friend to Dr. Lenk’s second oldest daughter, Aubrey. Jillean is obviously a friend to Dr. Lenk. She is also a valuable and essential friend to the work family of Lenk Orthodontics. Jillean is in charge of our sterilization area and lab. More importantly, she is the “go to” person to every person in this office! With a smile on her face, she helps everyone in this office with whatever they need. None of us (especially Dr. Lenk) understand how life at Lenk Orthodontics was possible before Jillean became a member of the team! She is kind of like the backbone of the practice–holding all of us up. We love our Jillean!!!


Morgan has been a part of Dr. Lenk’s life for years. The first day Dr. Lenk met Morgan, she immediately knew this vibrant and beautiful woman would be a perfect fit for the office of Lenk Orthodontics. Not two months later, Morgan showed up on Dr. Lenk’s porch and immediately became a member of the family, taking care of Dr. Lenk’s kids and giving them one of the best Summer’s of their life! By the grace of God, Morgan returned “home.” This time she became the face and voice of Lenk Orthodontics! Morgan is a graduate of JMU, a cheerleading coach and judge, and a former business woman. More importantly, she is one of the most energetic, positive, and creative individuals you will come across. When Morgan is not working at the office, she may be managing the salon at SunTanCity. If she’s not there, she’s traveling across the US supporting her man on the hockey rink. And when she’s not doing all of that, she’s probably with her two best friends: her amazing mom (Sonya) and her adorable puppy (Darla).

Morgan wrote:
I work at the front desk and am one of the friendly faces to greet you when you visit our office. I am a James Madison University graduate and have lived in Roanoke, Virginia my entire life. I am a proud mom of a dachshund, Darla, who you will probably see around the office periodically (she’s great at answering the phones!). In my free time you can typically expect me to be jet-setting on a plane somewhere, usually to watch my boyfriend, Phil, play hockey. I am also a familiar face in the cheerleading world, being I spend my weekends in the fall judging competitions. I have known Dr. Lenk for around 7 years now, as I previously took care of Dr. Lenk’s kids. Now I love being a part of the #TeamLenk office family!


Shelly is another jack of all trades at the office of Lenk Orthodontics. With previous experience working at both a dental office and eye doctor office, Shelly is a master when it comes to working a front desk and providing excellent customer service. Like our buddy Dustin, Shelly could possibly get an award for mastering the skills of an orthodontic technician in record time. Shelly has a talent for fitting orthodontic bands/rings. She is an artist when it comes to decorating braces. We have also come to find Shellly is also an entertainer–she literally sings to our patients, tells jokes, and surprises patients with her fun socks WHILE adjusting their braces. Shelly is one of the only fully-trained employees of our office When she’s not in the clinic, sterilization or lab; she’s at the front desk doing some of the most technical work in the practice. Shelly has only been with us for about a year, but she fits in like she’s been here for a decade. We love our sweet Shelly and so will you!

Shelly’s words:
I am one of Lenk Orthodontic’s friendly clinic staff. You can find me singing and laughing with all of our patients in the clinic most of the time. I work 5 days a week. On Mondays and Friday afternoons I help at the front desk. I am a pet mom of 5 (3 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 hedgehog). I love hiking, kayaking, and being outdoors. I was born and raised in the Botetourt/Roanoke area. I love the mountains, but the beach is my happy place.