Getting braces to stick to teeth can be a challenge for many reasons.

#1 Teeth need to be 100% dry during the bonding process or the bond strength could be compromised. As most know, the mouth is everything but dry!
#2 Dental equipment needs to be able to produce water and air. Given water is being used, there is always a risk of water contamination in the airlines
#3 People have different types of enamel. Some enamel does not respond ideally to dental materials. This can compromise the bond strength of a brace to a tooth.
#4 Patients need to eat, but biting forces can sometimes be stronger than the bond of a brace to a tooth
#5 People that need braces often have problems with their bite. This can cause interferences with braces and thus contribute to their breakage from a tooth
Lenk Orthodontics strives for excellence in every way. Our latest mission has been to upgrade our equipment, materials and systems so as to maximize the bond strenth of braces to teeth and to prevent all factors that could cause bond failures of our braces.


Dr. Lenk hired and consulted with 5 companies to find solutions. As of Friday, 08-18-2023, every upgrade and recommendation has been implemented!! $20,000 later, we now hope to have foolproofed the bonding process! Now its up to our patients to merely avoid super sticky and hard foods while we straighten their teeth and fix their bites!
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