Crowding and Disease

Lenk Orthodontics aims to produce perfect, HEALTHY smiles.

The following images show how crowded teeth can negatively impact the overall health of the mouth.

If patients present with these problems, Dr. Lenk can fix them. When patients see Dr. Lenk early, she can manage crowding to prevent the negative effects of dental crowding.

Early detection and management can improve the development of teeth and their eruption into the mouth. Dr. Lenk’s recommendations can even make future orthodontic care easier, quicker and cheaper. The benefits of early detection is the reason health professionals agree children should see Dr. Lenk by the time they are 7-years-old. Dr. Lenk’s consultation is free, but her insight and recommendations can be valuable!

Social distancing is necessary to control diseases like COVID-19. The care Dr. Lenk provides is just like social distancing: it can contain, cure, and prevent various “diseases” of the mouth!

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