UPDATE 04-27-2020

Our office abides by the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC, the Virginia Department of Health, American Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontists, and the Virginia Dental Association. These organizations and officials of the law regulate not only when a business can operate, but they also establish guidelines by which a business must abide. The ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of employees and the community in general.

The office of Lenk Orthodontics remains closed, not only following the recommendations of health professionals but also to allow time for equipment and supplies to be delivered. Similar to other orthodontists in this area, our office plans to reopen to patients on May 11, 2020.

Dr. Lenk and staff have been available to patients since businesses were asked to shut their doors to the community. They have been conducting teledentistry, providing curbside assistance, mailing patients rubber bands, attending to business matters, and working feverishly to prepare our office for the GRAND REOPENING!

On top of providing virtual care to patients, Dr. Lenk has taken approximately 40 hours of continuing educations courses, upgraded systems, and made office equipment and supply purchases over the past four weeks. The goal is to ensure we will not only be able to create amazing smiles and bites, but our office will also be able to provide care in the safest environment possible (now and in the future).

Please be assured, no one wants to get back to work more than Dr. Lenk. With that being said, opening our doors prior to formal PPE guidelines being established and prior to the confirmation our patients and staff will be safe WOULD BE NOTHING BUT SELFISH. PPE is still being delivered, and equipment will be delivered and installed this week to guarantee we will be open on time. Our office aims to provide the highest quality of care and service. We put the overall health of our patients above our personal needs and wants. And collectively, we will continue to seek information to improve our practice. We will continue to monitor the status of the COVID-19. And we will get all of our current and new patients rescheduled as soon as we have confirmation care can be provided without putting patients at risk.

Be sure you have liked us on Facebook page, and please check out our website. We are at the office from 10am-2pm. We are addressing patient needs via phone, texts, email, and our website. We are also providing regular updates on our Facebook, website and via email.

All of us at Lenk Orthodontics look forward to seeing you all again. We assure you care will continue to proceed seamlessly once we get back. More importantly, we are confident our office will be even better as a result of this little crisis. Dr. Lenk is a firm believer there is a reason for everything. Although the impact of the COVID-19 virus has been unprecedented, Dr. Lenk is making lemonade out of these lemons. There is no doubt our office, service, and care will be EVEN BETTER as a result of this small event in our big history!

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