Been blessed to work with this cutie since 2015.

Started with early care to address crossbites. We just finished the second phase of comprehensive care.

Long-term studies indicate care is more efficient, effective, and affordable if you can provide it in one phase. We do recommend early care, however, if the benefits outweigh the risk (ie preventing bigger problems from occurring). To mitigate the negative financial trend, we provide a phase I credit, ultimately capping our overall treatment fees regardless of the number of years we invest in our patient’s care and health 🙂

We are not perfect, but we work endlessly to provide the latest and greatest in treatment modalities, to upgrade our equipment, and to upgrade our systems and services. We want to provide our patients and their families with the latest, the greatest, and the best. WE WANT TO CREATE SMILES IN EVERY WAY WE CAN!!!

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