As long as a patient is healthy, it is never too late to receive orthodontic care.

As long as a patient is healthy, it is never too late to receive orthodontic care.

This is a great example of how orthodontics at any age can do way more than create a beautiful smile.

This patient is in her 40s. She was born with space between her teeth. She then lost a couple of her adult teeth, which negatively impacted esthetics, periodontal health and overall function.

The team at Lenk Orthodontics has successfully closed all of the spaces between the teeth. Now this patient has more bone to support her teeth, less impaction of food between her teeth, healthier gums, and a more stable and healthy bite. She no longer has to receive bone grafts, implant surgery, and expensive restorative work. For less than $6000 she will have an amazing smile and save up to $10,000 in surgeries and restorative work!

Lenk Orthodontics Loves Adult Patients. The work is more challenging at times, but the end result is so rewarding!

Cases like this is one of the many reasons we are the orthodontic office for patients from Botetourt and Beyond! Lenk Orthodontics is Daleville’s Orthodontist, Troutville’s Orthodontist, Fincastle’s Orthodontist, New Castle’s Orthodontist, Blue Ridge’s Orthodontist, Bedford’s Orthodontist, Covington’s Orthodontist, Clifton Forge’s Orthodontist, Lexington’s Orthodontist, Vinton’s Orthodontist, Hollins’ Orthodontist, North Roanoke County’s Orthodontist, Roanoke’s Orthodontist, Salem’s Orthodontist, Bent Mountain’s Orthodontist, Smith Mountain Lake’s Orthodontist, North Carolina’s Orthodontist, VA Beach’s Orthodontist, West Virginia’s Orthodontist, and even Richmond’s Orthodontist!)

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