A great example…

A great example of why we should see kiddo’s by the age of 7y for a Free Exam/Growth and Development check.

We prevented dental wear, dental trauma, and gone/gum loss with only a few months of care. Now this little girls wears a retainer to help direct the eruption of other teeth that were also coming in wrong.

Cheap, simple early care saved them a ton of headaches and possible a ton of extensive treatment down the road!

Free Exams… No referrals needed…Recommend exams 7y and older
Family-friendly fees and payment plans …Accept all insurances

Open 5-days a week in same location: scheduling made easy.
Practically 15-20 min from anywhere: 220/460/581 cooridor

Botetourt’s only full-time orthodontist.

4yr higher education. Masters in Oral Biology/Growth and Development. 19years of experience and 13 years in business (now a seasoned business owner too!!)

540-966-3990 … www.lenkbraces.com …lenkortho@gmail.com

Posted by Lenk Orthodontics on Wednesday, February 10, 2021

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